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We offer an affordable, efficient, secure and effective way to reach your visitors and members with many options to make your website shine including one-page promotional, full blown eCommerce, private pages with sign-in, membership, sliders, galleries, articles, videos, counters, countdowns, full-screen intros, features, data tables & pricing tables, progress bar & cycles, timelines, tabs & accordions, call-to-action, forms, maps, social blocks, testimonials, footers, and more!

We can create a unique website for many types of businesses and services to include Construction, Health and Beauty, Photography, Wedding, Retail, Wholesale, eCommerce, Fashion, Childcare, Veteran, Creative, Agency, Restaurants, News & Magazines, Real Estate, Travel, Blogging, Entertainment & Music, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Non-Profits, Political, Fundraising, Nutrition Coach, Logistics, Oil Gas, Dance Academy, Manufacturer, Digital, Education, Technology, Gym, Freelancer, Architecture, Homeowner's Association, Community Center, Medical, Membership and Clubs, Landing Page, Hotel &Resorts, Personal, Price Comparision and Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Adopt Pet, Printing business, Concert, Car Wash, Cable TV company, E book, Cosmetic shop, Astrology, Resume, Call Center, DJ, Charity, Programmer, Running race, Copywriter, Boxing Gym, Tattoo, Museum, Ski Resort, Car Listing, Job Board, Model Agency, Plumbing, Kindergarten, Bistro, Cyber Security, Hospital, Manicure, Farmer, Winery, Vet, Fast Food, Candle / Decoration Shop, Catering, Toy Shop, Travel, College, Bakery, University, Church, Marble Producer / Distributor, Conference, Handyman & Electrician Services, and more.   

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Senior Citizens of Ohio                 

Senior Centers, Coupons, Events, Resources, and News for Senior Citizens in Ohio

Kullberg Designs

Children's Teaching Academy

"Thank you so much for all your hard work ... I absolutely love the site and couldn’t be happier with the outcome." - Kari Boetcher, Owner, The Teaching Tree Academy

Kullberg Designs

Veterans Website

"I would like to start by saying the website is incredible!!!! I am beyond impressed and excited!!" - Ohio State Association Veterans Service Commission (OSAVSC)

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Working with you, we will create (from scratch or what you already have in place) a complete web site around your company. This includes integrating your logo, the look and feel of your organization. Whether it's a simple one-page online brochure or a complete e-commerce site with hundred’s of pages - YOU decide! How much you want to control and manage is up to you! Your participation can be minimal, not requiring extra staff (and expense) to your business to have a complete web site. Or we can set it up so you can update specific areas of the site. We will consult with you as to exactly what you want, whether it’s video, text, images/graphics, charts, pdf files, audio, blog, secure membership area, online booking, social media, content management, mobile web –we will integrate it into your web site. We provide domain registration ( with hosting services to include everything from basic to dedicated servers. 


You might be interested having us host your web site, but you will maintain it exclusive in-house. No problem! We offer many different options when you use your own programs like Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Expression Web and others.. 

 What if you don’t have a web building software program? Simply create your web site using our online web creation program with a wide selection of templates, hosting, email and much more. Choose from many different features you can integrate into your web site including Email Express Marketing, Forums, Blogs, Podcasts, RSS Feed, Email accounts, Newsletters, Polls, and much more! Click here to go to our Hosting web site for all the details and to select a domain name. 


A good place to start is to ask yourself what you want your web site to do, to offer, and to accomplish. Once you have defined your goal, will a one-page brochure with general information about your product, service or organization work? Is is something that will not be changed for a long period of time, or do you want it updated daily, weekly, or periodically? Do you want to collect email addresses, offer surveys, blogs, video presentations, take orders, or something else? How will you marketing your web site? Try to answer as many of these questions BEFORE you start building your web site. Of course, we can help you in answering these questions, and more, through our FREE CONSULTATION. Having a plan will not only save time, but will make your web site more effective in reaching your goals. This will also help us to determine the best package for you. Of course, you can start small and we can build upon the site in months to come. We like to think of a web site as a work in progress - as your business or organization grows, so will the web site and the options offered. We can assist you along the way in determining and offering solutions to these specific needs. Remember, you are not alone - Kullberg Designs is here to help. 


The important point is to get your web site online now! Making the right decision now will help your business grow. Since 1991, Unicom’s family of services has been here to help people like you down the road to online success! We are here to help you bring it all together. For your convenience, use your Questionnaire at the bottom of this page for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote so we can better understand your needs and the best plan of action for your organization.


Your Website is like your Cell Phone - It’s the thing you interact with.

Your Domain is like your Phone Number - It’s what they type in to reach you.

Your Hosting is like your Service Plan - You need it for your website to be up and running.

Your SSL is like having a Secured Phone line - Less unwanted visitors and a level of added security.

Your Privacy is like having an Unlisted Number - Your website’s public information is not searchable. (Less Spam)

These components are important to keep your website up and running smoothly, effectively and safely. And we are here to help put it all together for you!  

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“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”Ralf Speth

If you have an outdated, slow, incompatible website, you're losing visitors, and money if a e-commerce site.

People today expect a website to load quickly and work with different devices.  Perhaps your website needs a bright, new look on a state-of-the-art platform.  Whether you need a landing page or a full blown e-commerce website, we'll make it an attractive, effective and a welcomed place for your visitors and customers.  All our plans include HOSTING and 24/7 website SECURITY MONITORING through Unicom Services (or use your own.)  Your website will be Mobile Ready which means your visitors won't have to try and read tiny text, view unformatted videos, or order online on websites that are not adapt to screen sizes!  We have many options and features available to get you on target with your online goals!  And after we build your website, we will provide you with required updates, changes and security through our Maintenance Program customized just for you!  

We offer two different platforms - BootStrap and WordPress.  Most people are familiar with WordPress since approximately 35% of today's websites are built on it.  We also offer Bootstrap (newest version) which is built upon the latest HTML, CSS and JS framework engine design for secure, responsive, speed and mobile compatibility. Plus it's less expensive and options which we can customize to your specifications.  So whether you want WordPress or BootStrap, just contact us for the BEST solution to your website needs.

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